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The diversity of our technology allows us to constantly explore new applications and utilize them for scientific purposes. This is also how NASA successfully transported a living jellyfish into space. In transport packaging from our American colleagues. The packaging was designed in such a way that various tubes, entrances and caves served as the jellyfish’s habitat and the researchers had easy access to the jellyfish so that they could study it under exceptional conditions. As jellyfish have characteristics of human life, the scientists were able to gain important insights into how humans can adapt even better to weightlessness. Thanks to the extraordinary transport packaging, the jellyfish was able to return to Earth in perfect health and provide NASA with important services for its research work.

Static INTERCEPT complete packaging

Complete packaging concept for engine blocks with Static INTERCEPT gusseted hoods and corrugated cardboard inserts.

INTERCEPT Woven Garage

INTERCEPT Woven is a very robust, durable and reusable material for special requirements.

Static INTERCEPT thermoforming tray

INTERCEPT thermoforming solutions offer corrosion and ESD protection in one. They are durable and reusable.


INTERCEPT Shrink Film provides corrosion protection even under the most extreme conditions over a long period of time.

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