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Thanks to their properties and customizability, our INTERCEPT™ products can be used in almost any industry today. No matter if components for the automotive industry, sensitive electronic items or massive machinery for the oil and gas industry. We have the right solutions to protect and preserve goods effectively during transport or storage.


This engine of our economy needs unique as well as reliable applications which meet the requirements of the international movement of goods. We offer not only oil-free, recyclable and sustainable corrosion protection concepts of sensitive automotive components, but also holistic and process-optimized packaging and shipping solutions. Thus, we achieve higher load densities, shorter process cycles and leaner processes, whether packaging of single parts or large load carriers. By reducing resources, significant savings are realized across the entire supply chain. TCO cost reductions of +20% are in reach. A much more sustainable material balance and process reductions are the target. In addition, we have been a pioneer in the protection of electronic components for BEV, PHEV and HEV technologies for more than 20 years. For the EV sector in particular, comprehensive, expert advice is essential and smart packaging significantly increases the value chain.



Modern engineering presents special challenges for preservation: Electronic controls, avoiding of thin-film preservation and extreme global weather conditions, the demands on packaging exceed traditional protection methods significantly. INTERCEPT offers modern processes which are designed exactly for such requirements.


Mining, Oil & Gas

This industry is characterized by extreme requirements. Whether it is the storage of spare parts under warm and humid climatic conditions, the delivery of materials to remote mining companies, or the complex transportation of equipment for oil and gas extraction. INTERCEPT offers unique product solutions, which are used and recognized by well-known companies worldwide. By doing so, we reduce the use of sawn timber dramatically.


Military and aerospace

State-of-the-art technologies, sophisticated weapon systems and demanding specifications call for enormous quality requirements and the highest performance. With sophisticated and tailored coordinated complete solutions, we can also meet the high demands of the military and aerospace sectors – in any weather and any region.



INTERCEPT was mainly developed to protect electronic and electrical components against corrosion. Especially our products with ESD protection offer an innovative solution in this field and can also be used for a successful obsolescence management and long-term storage.



INTERCEPT has developed a foam filter for mouth-nose-masks that does more than just filter aerosols from the air. Our masks with INTERCEPT CU22™- foam filter, which is based on copper-polymers, is a certified medical device that is proven to kill viruses and bacteria – without any outgassing or release of metal ions. Its reusability also makes an important contribution to environmental protection. The INTERCEPT CU22™ copper-polymer-filter is a German quality product which is developed and manufactured in Germany and in combination with the mask certified as a medical device.