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Oil & Gas Industry/Mining

Oil & Gas / Mining

This industry is characterized by extreme requirements. These are often machines or components weighing several tons that have to be transported to the most remote areas of the world or stored under the most difficult climatic conditions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the smallest electronic components or entire turbine systems. With our corrosion protection and packaging concepts, we are able to meet the high requirements of these industries. Our products are already recognized and used by well-known companies worldwide. From demanding oil and gas companies and energy suppliers to mines worldwide.

INTERCEPT Shrink project drilling rig

INTERCEPT shrink packaging for secure outdoor storage in humid and demanding conditions.


Use of Static INTERCEPT Shrink Film for the outdoor storage of mining machinery.

Transportation and storage with INTERCEPT Canvas

Robust and oil-free canvas solution for the transportation and storage of various large drill bits during a 6-month drilling operation.

INTERCEPT Woven for the storage of drill cores

The Static INTERCEPT fabric protects even special drill cores made of mineral material from harmful environmental influences. Zippers allow easy access to the drilling material at any time.

Advantages oil-gas industry/mining