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Our products offer special protection not only in the B2B sector. There is also a wide range of possible applications for end users. INTERCEPT offers a decisive advantage, particularly in the area of luxury goods and collectors’ items. After all, who wouldn’t want to protect their valuable jewelry, antique coin collection or expensive photographic equipment from corrosion and harmful environmental influences? Protection with INTERCEPT is very simple. Depending on the area of application, our foams can be easily inserted into jewelry boxes, photo bags or gun cabinets, for example. We also offer completely individual solutions, such as coated jewelry bags, laminated coin holders or laptop bags lined with INTERCEPT.


Camera bag with integrated corrosion protection thanks to INTERCEPT coating on the inside of the bag. Protects sensitive electronic components from ageing and harmful environmental influences.

Static Intercept

Hard foam laminated with Static INTERCEPT to protect valuable coin collections.


Foam pads with protective INTERCEPT technology for individual use in jewelry boxes, camera bags, gun cabinets or for fishing equipment.

Advantages for end users