Outdoor Storage Freedom

Space, it may be the final frontier for some, however when it comes to storage apace within a facility it is a diminishing commodity. A lot of work and attention has been paid to the Southern US states, particularly in the oil...[more]


New accommodation thanks to INTERCEPT®

The project "construction of a Farm Sanctuary" has met all expectations. Thanks to all the hard-working volunteers, some horses have already received a new accommodation at the AhrönA stud. Here they are now being...[more]


INTERCEPT Technology™ supports the ARhönA Sanctuary project

The INTERCEPT Technology™ has contributed to the idea of developing a ARöhnA Sanctuary in the Arhöna stud in Hohenroda-Mansbach. The construction of the Farm Sanctuary can save many Spanish horses from death. More...[more]


INTERCEPT® goes Himalaya

Seven South African friends made a trekking tour to the Everest Base Camp. The Everest Base Camp is situated at 5 364m height. The Tour was sponsored by INTERCEPT Technology™. The total revenue was then donated to the 1st Walmer...[more]


IMPS - INTERCEPT® Mineral Preservation System

The IMPS is a special Mineral Preservation System, specifically designed for packaging pulp mineral samples, core samples and chip finds. After the bore, the samples must be well protected so that future investigations under...[more]


An impressive story

I just had to write this story, absolutely amazing!I am Steve Anderson, this is my true story of coincidence.I had been talking with Warwick Richards, head of INTERCEPT Technology™ Australasia, about INTERCEPT® products. Living...[more]


INTERCEPT™ Translucent - Everything in view

After years of development, the INTERCEPT Technology Group is proud to announce the new INTERCEPT™ Translucent films and bags product line. INTERCEPT™ Translucent allows small parts to be packed oil free and enable a visual...[more]

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