Static INTERCEPT® Woven Container Liner for an 40ft Transoceanic Container

The Static INTERCEPT® Woven Container Liner is our new development to protect your freight in a 40 ft container against external influences. The Static INTERCEPT® Woven Container Liner provides reliable protection against...[more]


Successful Parts2Clean trade show in 2016

This year the Parts2Clean trade show took place in Stuttgart from 31th Mai to 2nd June 2016.. INTERCEPT Technology GmbH presented its oil-free corrosion protection products used in transport and storage of different...[more]


Exceedingly satisfying result for INTERCEPT Shrink Film after 7+ years preservation …

On the 18th Sept. 2008 INTRERCEPT Australia wrapped a turbine – in 200µm (8mil) INTERCEPT Shrink Film, desiccants and a 2nd layer of 200µm (8mil) UV Power Shrink Film ( because of high UV radiation in Australia) . Original 12...[more]


INTERCEPT Shrink Film in use in Singapore…

During last week one of our INTERCEPT Technology engineers has implement the shrink wrapping of a loading bridge in the Port of Singapore – under untoward conditions – during the rainy season. The loading bridge was 25 m (82,0...[more]


INTERCEPT Microscopic Analysis…

The INTERCEPT corrosion protection test and corrosion analysis has improved by adding a special microscopic visualization of the parts our customers sent to our attention. The visual analytics will be in the future more precise...[more]


INTERCEPT thermoplastic products…

The INTERCEPT thermoformed trays and inlays are easy in handling and can be supplied in a variety of base materials (PS, PP, HD, HIPS, etc.). No oiling and de-oiling, free of outgassing, ready for immediate use Corrosion...[more]


Static INTERCEPT® pallet cage lining

... fits to euro pallet cage 1240x835x970 mm accordingly DIN 15155/8 or UIC 435-3 ...[more]

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