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09.01.2018 10:17

Effective combination of the INTERCEPT Technology products

A military industry customer currently has ten aircraft cocooned in standard shrink wrap. Two helicopters have been taken out of their cocoon to undergo inspection for maintenance. An INTERCEPT Technology packaging solution was chosen in order to avoid cost- and time-consuming unpacking and repacking for the future,

Previous solution didn’t allow for the aircraft to be moved once they were wrapped as the wheels were enclosed. The wrap would have to be taken off in order for the helicopters to be moved.

The form-flexible INTERCEPT SHRINK FILM ™ in combination with the Power Shrink film to protect the helicopter from the outside. The Power Shrink is UV stabilized, giving the packaging solution flexibility in the place of storage. The helicopters, used primarily in the military sector, have extremely sensitive electronics. INTERCEPT Technology foam was placed in the cabin to ensure the same maintenance qualities inside of the helicopter.

INTERCEPT Technology™ is a technology that provides permanent protection against corrosive gases in the air. INTERCEPT neutralizes the air inside the packaging. The wheels aren´t within the shrink wrap, so the helicopters can be moved. In order to check this protection periodically and to replace it immediately when the Corrosion Intercept foam ® (integrated saturation indicator) changes color, control zipper windows have been integrated into the INTERCEPT SHRINK FILM ™ packaging. This zipper inspection window allows access inside the packaging without compromising preservation properties.

INTERCEPT Technology ™ ensures the proper functioning of all components during and after storage with a perfect combination of our products.


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