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21.11.2017 10:41

Protection of Power Geothermal Turbines with INTERCEPT Technology

For a 5 year maintenance / preservation plan with the requirement by client doing weekly inspections and reports Static INTERCEPT Shrink was applied to protect power geothermal turbines. Corrosion issues let the customer to adopting INTERCEPT as a method of product protection while the previously used standard covers offered no corrosion protection.
A revised packaging solution with INTERCEPT was designed to overcome this problem.

In particular Static INTERCEPT Shrink Film with a second layer of Power Shrink Film with high UV protection together with desiccants was recommended and used. The result was 100% elimination of corrosion. Achieved was a protection from aggressive acids and foreign metal contamination during transport and storage while maintaining complete UV protection. No application of wax or oil at sender and de-oiling or removal of wax were necessary.

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