Benefit from the network and knowledge of the INTERCEPT Technology™ Group

The INTERCEPT Technology™ Group (ITG) is an interest group of independent companies under German law. The objective of the group is to establish a global information platform to provide information of the functionality and application of INTERCEPT Technology™ products as well as providing the best possible technical advance in the filed of corrosion protection for the client. All participating partners are legally independent companies that, based on their technical qualification, regionally represent the products of INTERCEPT Technology™.

ITG allows therefore an open information exchange and the support to customers in global challenges. With our extraordinary local know-how and a high technical qualification we are able to provide our customers with the best possible advice. We know of the global challenges at hand, but do not underestimate local know-how.

The network of participant partners spreads across the globe and epitomizes by short, fast and focussed communication. In case you have specific requirements of a particular region and/or an industry, we can provide you with the right specialist and local know-how.

The aim of ITG is to provide the best corrosion protection for goods depending on the true local environmental impact. By working together with independent institutes, universities, laboratories and companies, we collectively hold a substantial library of factual data which we use for the applications and evaluations.

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