ISO - Certificate

The production of INTERCEPT is implemented by renowned companies, which are measured with many qualifications and strict quality guidelines.
Every manufacturer is certified external to DIN EN ISO, Veritas and other systems. INTERCEPT is holding different approvals in the fields of military, automotive, aerospace and electronics. It can also be used for packages that are in contact with food items.

Besides the general approvals for recycling and disposal INTERCEPT products are confirm to many requirements of the industrial and material sector.

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Our quality and environmental policy
Our company policy is derived by the claim of INTERCEPT Technology, to be an independent system supplier for innovative packaging solutions. We always offer our clients the best and easiest solution as well as a long lasting partnership.
Apart from the highest aim of “sustainable success” the following company goals can be stated:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction 
  • Partnership and integrity
  • Innovative concepts
  • Modern technologies
  • Environmental awareness

Beside these goals, one of our central targets is the prevention of environmental pollution. We all are obliged to protect the soil, the water, the air and to use our resources economical and consciously. The main goal in all actions related to environmental protection is to adjust all company processes, so that all legal requirements can be met and the sustainable handling with natural resources can be improved continuously. Especially with the use of our products we can improve the environmental balance of our clients crucially and avoid dangerous emissions. In practice all measures preferentially focus on responsible resource management, the prevention of waste, the constant improvement of production and packaging processes as well as the usage of modern and low-polluting machines. To guarantee that our products are recyclable it is important to adjust the attitude of all stakeholders, so we can meet all valid national and international rules, standard specifications and regulations. According to sustainability INTERCEPT Technology contributes to the optimization of mass flows in the packaging sector.  Our clients are an integrative part of our environmental protection policy through our high amount of services in the packaging process. The common vision of the general and executive managers about the values and aims is based of environmental pollution reduction and prevention. The compliance with all rules and requirements of the public authorities must be clear for all executive managers and employees. By using hazardous containments responsible and substitution of substances we try to reduce the hazard for the environment. If possible, we avoid waste and through constant waste separation we pursue a reasonable reutilization.With recurrent trainings our employees are always up to date with rules, regulations and the latest technology and therefore they are always confirm with all legal regulations and standards. The company supports and encourages all executive managers and employees to develop the environmental protection according to our company profile and goals. The general manager will be measured with all other executive managers and employees for their common actions and results.


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