IMPS - INTERCEPT Mineral Preservation System

IMPS is the new State-of-the-Art preservation system for core samples, chip finds and pulp mineral samples.
The IMPS system replaces costly preservation methods without compromising the sample. It provides protection against degradation of the samples extracted from the field during the shipping and storage process, ensuring accurate laboratory analysis when the samples are used. This optimal solution provides long-term protection by preventing oxidation of samples during sorting, transport and storage.
IMPS comprises of all relevant products and machines to enable a cost efficient and technically superior system. It has been successfully used on several sites in the Asia Pacific Region and available through a qualified distribution channel world-wide.

The benefits are:
- Core and Sample Preservation
- Original conditions through direct sample processing
- Simplified packaging process
- No refrigeration required
- Location-independent
- Access to INTERCEPT service and maintenance team

IMPS in 4 Simple Steps:
1. Load core samples into tray from drill ring
2. Insert tray into INTERCEPT tube
3. Air evacuation & sealing process
4. Insert into Protective Layer & Seal

All can be done in seconds.

INTERCEPT helps you to effectively preserve your samples. 

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