INTERCEPT Technology GmbH aus Eisenach will become an ambassador for the Children’s Hospice Miteldeutschland

INTERCEPT Technology Group (ITG) made a donation of 6.000,00 Euro in April 2016 for the Children’s -and Youthhospice Mitteldeutschland in Tambach Dietharz. In Germany more than 40.000 children and teenagers are concernd by a assault , lifetime shortened disease. The Children’s - and Youthhospice Mitteldeutschland in Tambach Dietharz gives the affected families the possibility to spend there up to 28 days per year together.

INTERCEPT Technology Group wishes the children and their families strength, confidence and all the very best. To read the full story, please kclick here.

INTERCEPT Technology™ and McDonald's Kinderhilfe

The 2014 annual report from McDonald's Kinderhilfe, Click here to read the whole report, (German).

INTERCEPT® built a playground for the new Ronald McDonald House in Mainz

Worldwide partners of the INTERCEPT Technology™ Group met from 4th to the 7th of June 2013 in Mainz, for the 5th INTERCEPT Partner Meeting. The annually held strategic meeting aims for an international information exchange, consolidation of the international partnership and communication, together with the market positioning and presentation of product developments and innovations worldwide.

On the 5th June the partners of the INTERCEPT Technology™ Group had the unique mission of, in one single day, build a playground for the future parents’ house at the new Ronald McDonald House Charity in Mainz. The playground represented a donation in worth of 12,000 Euros.

Currently under construction, the Ronald McDonald House will offer from autumn 2013 a temporary home, within walking distance, for the families of severely ill children during their treatment period. The proximity of the parents to the little patients is a strong support for their recovery.

The new playground will offer up autumn a place to relax and recover. The manager of INTERCEPT Technology™ Group, Mr. Frank P. Kroekel, comments that “With the slogan ‘…getting it done!’ we annually meet our worldwide partners and friends for a common and sustainable campaign. On this day we were all strongly inspired during the touching guided tour through the stations of the clinic, and the joint construction of the playground. With this event we also want to demonstrate the way to a socially responsible behavior. Thanks to the help of motivated participants it is also possible for a small company to move and initiate things. Global operations and local behavior don´t need to be conflicting goals. We thank all participants and wish the foundation and especially the clinic audacity and strength to implement impressive projects. With their actions they have motivated our international team. We will be happy to come back again.”

INTERCEPT Technology™ thanks all partners and the Ronald McDonald House Charity (McDonald's Kinderhilfe Stiftung) , just as all helpers involved at the excellent organization and implementation of this unforgettable event.

Social Involvement at St. Baldrick´s

The INTERCEPT Technology™ Group is proud to support its members and employees who work towards making the world a better place. We have had countless corporate and personal events, but we feel that this one is worth noting and celebrating. On 27 April 2013 Albert Greenhut, of Engineered Materials, Inc., took part in a St. Baldrick’s fundraiser in Washington, D.C.

St. Baldrick’s is an organization that funds childhood cancer research. Their hallmark is individual fundraisers who get sponsors and raise awareness by shaving their heads. Events like these happen often all over the United States and have raised in excess of 100 Million US dollars since 2005. The specific event that Albert attended was hosted at a restaurant in the suburbs of DC, where 37 individuals, male and female shaved their heads. It raised over 30,000 US dollars through individual donations, silent auction, and a 10% donation by the restaurant that hosted it, Rira Irish Pub.

Albert was a part of this event because his niece, Abby Furco, was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 4 and has been receiving treatment for over 2 years. Albert was not only a shavee but also a team captain for Team Abby during this event.

We want to congratulate him and his family on a successful event, and share the before and after pictures as well. We hope that he has enough hair to last him until the Chicago summer begins.

INTERCEPT Technology™ in the mining world

Continuing the previous series (below) of successful industry applications of the INTERCEPT Technology™, we could not fail to mention the mining, oil and gas industries.

One of the challenges faced in this segment is the secure conservation of extremely high value assets and their spare parts during transport and long-term storages. For example, completely assembled mining equipment, or high volume spare parts, that need to reach their final destination without any corrosion and ready to use. Or even equipment that is no longer required in the production, but need to be stored in pristine condition for a future use.

These are just some examples of how INTERCEPT Technology™ has been supporting its customers around the globe to save money when comes to conservation packaging. In fact renowned companies such as ABB, Caterpillar, Komatsu and Vale are some of the references that are choosing INTERCEPT Technology™ to protect their goods.

Today new projects are taking place in several countries involving companies seeking for improvements and simply better protection. Worth mentioning is the INTERCEPT Mineral Preservation System (IMPS) that has proved an innovative and cost efficient drilled core protection method in the Australasia region, and is now introduced in Europe and Africa.

Contact us for more information and put us to the test.

INTERCEPT Technology™ is definitely the corrosion prevention and conservation packaging for all stages in mining.

INTERCEPT Technology™ in the automotive world

For several years INTERCEPT Technology™ has been esteemed in the automobile industry worldwide. From major car manufacturers to the local parts suppliers, INTERCEPT® has delivered hundreds of corrosion prevention packaging systems that, among others, were able to reach the following benefits:

  • Oil free shipments of parts
  • Optimization of processes
  • Long lasting corrosion protection (+24 months)
  • Reusable and recyclable materials


Among the projects accomplished it is worth mentioning the re-structure of Volkswagen South Africa packaging and production processes, the packaging optimization achieved in Ford, and even Bosch which listed the INTERCEPT Technology™ as an innovative supplier.

Today new projects are taking place in several countries involving companies seeking for improvements and simply better protection.

Contact us for more information and put us to the test.


INTERCEPT Technology™ in the football field

During the last years, INTERCEPT Technology™ has valued the direct participation or sponsorship of different sports modalities (climbing the Everest, cycling tour in South Africa, Dakar rally in South America). The year of 2012 added one more modality to the list: Australian Football.

For 3 years the company Under-Raps, INTERCEPT´s regional qualified partner in Australia, has been sponsoring the Newman Vets Footy Club, a member of the AFL Masters Australian Football (AFLM) which provides the opportunity for players with 30 years and above to play the Aussie Rules Football in a safe, supportive and fun environment.

According to Brett Owen, one of the team players, “to have the support of an organisation like INTERCEPT Technology™ and Under-Raps is vital in allowing us old blokes who refuse to hang up the boots to still get out there and have a kick. The sponsorship provided has enabled us to purchase 2 new sets of playing jumpers and shorts, though I think the older we get more will be set aside for deep heat and ice packs.”

The year of 2013 promises more sport events and community engagements in the agenda of INTERCEPT Technology™ and we will keep you updated of our actions all around the globe.

INTERCEPT Technology™ recognizes Japanese partner

Keith Donaldson from Engineered Materials, Inc. (EMI), Akhiro Kajiyama, Managing Director of Tec Hub Japan, and CH Tng, Managing Director from Tec Hub Pte Ltd (Singapore) met today (September 9th) with the staff at the RP Topla facility in Ota City, Gunma, Japan (about 2 hours outside Tokyo) to award them for 6 years of outstanding support and production for INTERCEPT Technology™ sheets, thermoformed trays and bins in the Japanese and Chinese markets.

Accepting the award, on behalf of RP Topla was Hiroki Katagiri, Operations Manager for the facility. Since 1953, RP Topla Group has developed and supplied plastic thermo-formable sheet, as well as formed products to the Japanese market as well as worldwide.

With the technology developed and internally grown over the last half century, they have established a wide range of plastic sheets with various thicknesses, ranging from thin gauge to heavy gauge sheets in a wide array of polymers including PP, HDPE, PE, HIPS, PET and others. They have also taken a leading role in working on environmentally friendly plastics, such as recycled materials, and of course the INTERCEPT Technology™.

Using unique designs as well as one sided INTERCEPT sheet extrusions, they have been able to make impacts in numerous large automotive suppliers and OEMS in Japan, helping them move from non-recyclable one time packaging to re-usable, oil free, environmentally friendly totes and trays. 

A recent development will be shown at the upcoming FachPack 2012 show in September: INTERCEPT PP thermoformed liners for standard injection molded totes, as in the picture.  This has been tested by a leading Japanese automotive company and implemented for over 6 months with no corrosion on parts.

Visit us at the FackPack and get to know our innovations.


INTERCEPT active in the gas industry

Under-Raps Pty Ltd, the local qualified partner of INTERCEPT Technology™ in the Australasia region has actively participated on Australian Gas Technology Conference and Exhibition in July 2012. The event brought great focus on the LNG (liquefied natural gas) industry, which according to The Australian newspaper "more than $200bn worth of LNG projects are on the drawing board in Australia, which is expected to become the world’s second biggest global exporter of the cleaner burning fuel by 2020” (Andrew Burrell, May 21, 2011).

The exhibition was very busy and constant. The quality of the delegates and those attending was very high. INTERCEPT Technology™ brought a lot of attention and genuine interest due to its simple preservation principle, wide experience in Oil & Gas industries, and its product´s versatility.

Powered by a superior corrosion protection and the guaranteed preservation of any material under any environmental condition, INTERCEPT is proud to be a part of the reliable choice of many companies.

Please contact our specialists to learn more what we can do for your industry.

INTERCEPT Technology™ …simply better protection!

INTERCEPT suports at charity event

INTERCEPT Technology™ is providing the Barretto Blues rugby team, fronted by Murray Domb (MUZA), sponsorship to participate in the Pot Bellied Pigs RFC annual Fat Boys Tens Charity Rugby Tournament at the end of August (Aug 31-Sept 2).
The Fat Boy Tens Rugby Tournament takes place in Angeles City in the Philippines and counts with 16 teams and 250+ rugby players from around Asia Pacific including a large contingent from Hong Kong/China.
The success stories are starting to show after a number of years. The event has already risen over USD 250,000 for local charities including the Bahay Bata Centre for Street Children, the Duyan Ni Maria orphanage and the PRFU Development Fund. Only last year the tournament raised USD 50,000. For this year the target is raising much needed funds for a number of important initiatives including:

1) The Clark Rugby Club with street children from the Bahay Centre.
2) Conducting a feeding / vitamins program with 300 kids from the local district at the Charity Rugby Tournament on September 1.
3) Helping to support a number of important medical missions covering much needed medicines and vaccinations for hundreds of kids.
4) Other grass-root sports development programs in the Philippines.

To help support such an important project, this year´s charity tournament will be welcoming sports personalities including international rugby legends John Bentley and Doddie Weir. Both of them will be playing in the tournament and speaking at the Charity Dinner.

INTERCEPT is proud to provide sponsorship to the Barretto Blues team for this important charity event.

INTERCEPT Technology™ Group helps in energy supply

Today South Africa is the biggest consumer of electricity on the African continent. Every year, they consume 215 billion kWh (kilowatt hours). Egypt in contrast consumes annually 104 billion kWh. With an ever growing population and the biggest economic engine in Africa, South Africa proves that these demands are surely on the rise.

ESKOM South Africa is the main energy supplier in the country. The company ESKOM is a public electricity utility company and produces about 95% of the country´s electricity domestically (as well as extra for export). In 2011 South Africa only imported about 10 billion kWh. This supports that ESKOM generates about 95% of the country´s domestic requirements.
Johannesburg is the biggest city in South Africa and also the biggest economic engine in Africa. There are 10 million people in the Johannesburg´s metropolitan area, who depend on electricity. 

The INTERCEPT Technology™ has assisted in South Africa´s commitment to being an independent and reliable source of energy. 

In the production of energy, it is important to have spare parts for energy-producing machinery. That way you can quickly fix generators without forcing cities, hospitals and citizens to live without electricity. It is not only important to have critical spares but it is important to keep them in pristine condition.
INTERCEPT contributes to this. INTERCEPT Technology™ is used to prevent corrosion and degradation. 

Rhino Plastics, the local qualified partner of INTERCEPT Technology™ in Africa, was approached by ESKOM to provide a long-term storage solution for some of their turbines.

This was no small thing. The pictures show the size of the turbines but they fail to show how much surface area there is on the individual rotors. Additionally, one of the requirements on this storage is that the pieces need to be stored for 10 or more years.

Many corrosion protection systems depend on being within a close proximity to the surface they are supposed to protect. In this case the rotors and the magnitude of the surface area would make that impossible in long term storage. No traditional corrosion protection method would allow a storage for such a long time. 

INTERCEPT can protect against corrosion for up to 15 years. That´s why INTERCEPT Shrink™ Film was chosen to protect two of the world´s largest turbines against corrosion. The Technology has been successfully used for many years in different applications and industry sectors since its development by AT&T Bell Laboratories (current name: Alcatel-Lucent). 

If you would like more information about this project or about INTERCEPT Shrink™ Film please contact us.

Interview with Dave Gallacher: Turbine Maintenance Project Leader at Eskom


INTERCEPT Technology™ reaches for hammer and nails

2012 held the 4th annual INTERCEPT Technology™ Partner Meeting. CEOs from 12 different countries gathered not only for a meeting, but also to participate on a joint team project where sustainability played the major role.
On the 24.05.2012 a special team event activity took place. There was no resting or relaxing, rather hammer and nails were taken into hand. The target was the expansion of the ARhönA Sanctuary in the ARhönA stud in Hohenroda-Mansbach. There were 5 teams which built 6 new stables in only one day. INTERCEPT Technology™ not only supported this event financially, but also with hard-working and dedicated participants. The Sanctuary project is intended to save Spanish horses from death. Because of Spain´s hard winter and extremely high food prices, many horses lost significantly weight. Now they are nursed on the farm.
Everyone had worked so long to make everything ready that even the food got cold. After 10 hours work it was all done. Everyone was exhausted but carried a smile on their faces. They had built in one day 6 horses stables.
At the end of this day the participants were offered a good dinner and a horse show. All were satisfied with the results.
INTERCEPT Technology™ took over the sponsorship of a Spanish mare, which was recently brought to Germany.
The next day the INTERCEPT Technology™ Partner Meeting took place. The meeting discussed about current events and plans for the future. All look forward to the successful future.
The INTERCEPT® whole meeting was a success and we will keep you informed about updates on a regular basis.

INTERCEPT® climbs Himalaya

Seven South African friends made a trekking tour to the Everest Base Camp. INTERCEPT Technology™ sponsored the tour paying ZAR 1.00 (about US$ 0,129) to every meter climbed. The total revenue was then donated to the 1st Walmer Scout Group in Port Elizabeth - South Africa, to replace the wooden floor in the hall.
The friends started their tour on 23.03.2012 and ended on the 07.04.2012. The trekking brought ups and downs with it.
They had to cross suspension bridges, land on one of the 10 most dangerous airports in the world, sleep in freezing temperatures and walk through thick snow.
These efforts have been worthwhile. They had breathtaking views, visited one of the highest Buddhist Monasteries found in Nepal, traveled through Namche Bazaar (regarded as the gateway to the Everest region), passed through Sherpa villages and went to the Khumbu Glacier. The usual practice was to stay in tea house.
The Everest Base Camp was reached on the ninth day of their journey. They followed the footsteps on the legendary Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. The ascent to base camp is situated at 5 364m height. Upon arrival, they had a clear sky, and thus a wonderful view.
After the 14th trekking day they arrived at the airport at Katmandu and meet other hikers who had the same anticipation as she when she initiated the hike 14 days ago.

ITG supports the protection of animals

Nestled in the plains overlooking the majestic Colorado Rockies is a 720 acre sanctuary that is home to over 300 rescued Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves and other large carnivores.
The ITG (INTERCEPT Technology Group) has donated to this organization in order to help in its mission to rescue these captive exotic and endangered large carnivores.
Visiting a Cheetah Preserve in South Africa helped highlight the critical fight in protecting our vanishing animals and protecting the environment that we all live in.
The Wild Animal Sanctuary can be found at

The Argus Cycle Tour

The ARGUS CYCLE TOUR is held annually in Cape Town, South Africa. This is the largest timed cycle race in the world, with 31.099 riders competing this year.
5 Rhino Plastics team members raced this year, with the ultimate goal of achieving the SUB 3. The race is 110 km long, and a SUB 3 refers to riders completing the race under 3 hours.
Brendan Kelly, Rhino Plastics business development manager for CORROSION INTERCEPT® achieved a 2 hours 54 minutes, coming in 277th out of 31.099. Due to a windy 2nd half of the race, many riders just missed the mark of 3 hours, with the balance of the Rhino team coming in within minutes of the cut.
The ARGUS marks the end of our road season, and training is now focused on the Mountain.
Brendan Kelly and Elton Holland team up for the 2nd time at the Sani2c - a 300 km, 3 day Mountain bike race in Kwazulu Natal. This is without doubt the pinnacle of the year in terms of mountain biking. The race takes place between 17-19 May.

A South African cycling team takes off

In the year 2010 the Rhino Plastic cycling team was established. The amateur team takes part in important cycling events in South Africa. In 2011 they started with three well-known races, the Cape Argus tour, the Sani2c tour and the Wines2whales tour.
8 bikers reached the status "sub 3" (108 km in 3 hours) during Cape Argus Cycling in March. The bikers Brendan Kelly, Elton Holland and Pieter Calitz mastered the distance in 2 hours and 49 minutes. 2 months later there was the Sani2c tour. On the third day they reached in the single evaluation the 16th Place and in the whole evaluation the 44th Place. At the end of last year they participated on the Wines2whales tour and reached the 9th Place in their category.
In all races they could confirm excellent results. They want to build on this success again this year.
We are regularly informing you about the new results of the cycling team on our website.

This year´s Dakar rally is over

23.01.2012: The hardest desert rally - the dakar rally is finished since the 15. January. For the Husaberg team it was a very successful rally - 3 of 5 of the Husaberg riders finished the race. INTERCEPT® has done very much support.
For more information please visit the facebook page of the Husaberg team.
Do you also plan an adventure in which a corrosion protection can assist? Please write to us...

The start....

05.01.2012: Since a few days, the most famous desert rally (the Dakar Rally) started in South America. The rally´s conditions include extreme temperature, dust and sand. The motorbikes are well prepared with no compromise to the integrity of the equipment "especially corrosion" thanks to CORROSION INTERCEPT® and STATIC INTERCEPT® for the electronics.
For more information please visit the facebook page of the Husaberg team or visit our website.

In one country hart on the limit

Time to take bikes and riders to the extreme......
The Husaberg Team has landed safely in South America. Also their motorbikes and their equipment arrived in good condition in Argentina (INTERCEPT® reliability no corrosion).
Now we have to prepare for the upcoming rally and to focus on winning.
Please find under the website more information or under our website.

The motorbikes are packed and on the way to South America

16.11.2011: From 1. January to 15. January the Dakar Rally will take place in South America. The motorbikes of the Husaberg team were already packed and shipped to Argentina.
The motorbikes were packed with INTERCEPT® so that they are optimally protected during the long transport.
Now the Husaberg team can fully concentrate on winning and do not need to worry about the protection of their motorbikes.
Further progress can be found on our website or under the website of the Husaberg team.

30000 km, 3 Countries and two continents on the limit

INTERCEPT® supports the Australian Husaberg team headed for the Dakar Rally.

07.10.2011: In late 2011 and early 2012 the Dakar Rally will take place again in South America. The rally will start in Argentina, cross Chile and end in Peru. In the past the Rally was known as the Paris Dakar Rally.

The Dakar Rally is regarded as the hardest and most famous long-range desert Rally in the world. A grueling testing ground for men and machines across three countries.

In this year’s event a team from Husaberg Australia will take part in the Rally. The team will be competing on motorbikes and is comprised of two riders who have previously competed in the rally. 

The motorbikes will be shipped from Australia to Argentina by sea and air and returned from Peru at the completion of the rally. 

The team and the equipment doesn`t only undergo the toughest of conditions during the Rally but exposure to extreme conditions will also occur during transport. While we at INTERCEPT® can do little to make sure the riders arrive in perfect condition we can guarantee that the motorbikes, equipment and spares will. The Husaberg Australia team have come to us to make sure the most vital part of their adventure is thoroughly protected and they just have to worry about racing and winning.  

To keep up with the progress of the team simply follow this link to their web site.

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