Frequently asked questions

How long do the protection effects of INTERCEPT last for?

INTERCEPT is efficient for storages of up to 15 years. Depending on the region, the material, the requirements and the storage conditions, a specific INTERCEPT product will be selected. The guarantee of each product is designed according to each material’s protection capability and is valid worldwide.  The extremely long experience of INTERCEPT, since 1984, allows accurate forecasts regarding the durations of the protection effects – guaranteed.


Do all INTERCEPT products protect from ESD?

No: The product series Static INTERCEPT® and R.I.B.S.™-Series are according to ANSI/ESD S541; ANSI/ESD S20-20. R.I.B.S.™ MVTR and R.I.B.S. MVTR Ultra also provide protection against EMI. Although all other products from INTERCEPT cannot build-up an electrical charge, they are not considered ESD. INTERCEPT combines corrosion protection and ESD protection.


Can INTERCEPT® be recycled and disposed without any problems?

Yes. INTERCEPT® meets all national and international regulations for the recycling of coloured and uncoloured plastic products. All products may be disposed as they are manufactured according to the European Waste Code (Europäischen Abfallschlüsse). The particular waste code is found in the technical documentation which is annually verified by an independent chemistry lab. This is one of the reasons why INTERCEPT® was awarded by the Federal Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Award (

INTERCEPT contains copper. Can it lead to a galvanic reaction when in direct contact with other metals?

No. Due to the permanent integration of the individual particles in a unique polymer matrix, the galvanic reaction, also from the direct contact with other metals, can be prevented. Even highly polished surfaces in direct contact with the products lead to no threat. Of course this can also be proven by appropriate physical measurements.

May I apply INTERCEPT in a clean room?

Yes. Our products are free from chemical out-gassing and neither release ions nor anions. High requirements concerning the room air’s purity are also fulfilled by INTERCEPT. The products can be produced according to respective specifications and are therefore suited also for storages of “class 0“– products, meeting “CCC” und RR 100” conditions.

Which kind of tests shall I use to test INTERCEPT?

The toughest. Use a test procedure that is closest to reality. You know the conditions that meet your individual shipment. Any test should then match these real conditions. There are many tests procedures that are far from any reality. One cannot turn to a test using razor blades in a constant temperature in distilled water to determine if a product works under sea-freight conditions. Neither is a test for general corrosion conditions realistic to be used, if the norm of the test was designed to show the electrical performance of electronic components with condensation occurring. We may happily provide you with contacts to independent and proper accredited tests institutes that can provide realistic tests which properly represent sea freight and long term storage conditions. In addition to these tests procedures we advise to always rely on true shipment trials instead of only test chambers. Only these will provide you accurate conclusions on the needed packaging options for your specific product and under the specific form of transport.

Can INTERCEPT be reused?

Yes. One of the key benefits of INTERCEPT is just that: our products can be used for several cycles. This will allow for substantial benefits in your production and supply cycle as well as in the handling of products. Actual users in true applications recorded the benefits over the course of many years. Starting from large-volume-containers (GLT) for example that contain steering components which were shipped oil-free and the packages re-used for more than six years, to thermoformed trays that are used for corrosion protection despite having been undergoing industrial washing cycles for 100 times. Even at complete car engines where the bag used has been put to use three times. Reusable packaging where possible and where economically feasible pared with a long lasting application performance.

Is INTERCEPT expensive?

No. INTERCEPT uses raw materials that are more expensive than the ones of traditional protection materials. The higher initial cost can be absorbed by utilizing the unique functions of INTERCEPT and can lead to substantial savings instead.  This will require analysing material flows and saving potentials by one of our application specialists.

Further evaluation will be needed of which type of INTERCEPT product is the most suitable, how to increase load densities, reducing secondary protection materials such as oil and paper products, maximizing material flows and a simpler handling can lead to lower cost. Of course such evaluation will require a close look at technical and commercial aspects in order to take total cost of ownership into consideration.

Is INTERCEPT a new technology?

No. INTERCEPT has been successfully applied for the worldwide shipment and long-term storage of industrial goods since 1984. Used at first within the telecommunication industry for which it was designed, it rapidly moved into other industry sectors. Although the industries differ a lot, the used principle raw materials, which are prone to corrosion and the aggressive environments, do not.  Therefore the protection results are very similar.

Which materials are protected by INTERCEPT?

All ferrous and non-ferrous metals, elastomers, a variety of plastics, optical components as well as some organic materials are equally protected. INTERCEPT is not a chemical technology only designed to protect for a specific type of metal; neither is it only designed for the exclusive protection of ferrous metals against humidity. INTERCEPT “neutralizes” the influencing factors that cause atmospheric corrosion, which all materials are subject to. This way it is possible to equally protect all materials from the same harmful effects. This is especially true when mixed-material-components have to be protected and it reduces the amount of different conservation technologies and materials by far.

Is it necessary to always use a desiccant when using INTERCEPT?

No. We only recommend the use of a small amount of desiccants when there is a high volume of airspace inside the package. The amount of desiccants required is designed to scavenge the first initial ambient humidity inside the package. Corrosive agents of migrating humidity will be eliminated by INTERCEPT and therefore cause no threat for corrosion. Our application specialists can analyze the possible requirements.


To which distance from the protected material will INTERCEPT be efficient?

The protection effectiveness of our product is not limited by distance and will function also at distances of more than 35cm. It will eliminate corrosive gases from large air volumes at a fast rate. This will allow for packaging designs that have a higher load density, less packaging materials and easier handling than traditional methods. It especially allows for avoiding the need to use mineral oils for corrosion protection and the subsequent required cleaning of the parts. Have a look in the field of shrink packaging where we effectively package large equipment and machinery with large volume of air without any oil coating.

Must INTERCEPT films be welded and vacuumed?

You surely can thermally weld all INTERCEPT products, if this is used for access control in the case of long-term storage. However welding and vacuuming is not needed for corrosion protection. A vacuumed package is only necessary when components (e.g. electronic components, before soldering or detonator charges) must be stored dry, even if this humidity is not corrosive. It is enough to fold the film over several times in most cases.

Where can I find more information on INTERCEPT?

Please contact our application specialists. We provide a worldwide network of qualified Specialists who will assist you on the choice of material and application of INTERCEPT products. You can also contact our call centre and request a presentation or a visit and send us your questions per e-mail. Please feel free to also visit the websites of Alcatel-Lucent and Bell Laboratories; we are very proud of the technical development of our products and our partners. However, at the end only the bottom line will count by proving the advantages of our technology: Put us to the test!

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