10 Years Guarantee
  • More than 30 years in action
    Intercept Technology protects the Statue-of-Liberty since 1980
Zuverlässiger Schutz unter extremen Bedingungen
  • Reliable Protection …
    … even under extreme conditions
Hohe Effizeinz
  • Efficiency
    Intercept Technology saves time and money
100% Öl-frei
  • 100% Oil-free
    Intercept protects sensitive parts without oil or chemicals
  • Environment-friendly
    Intercept is non-toxic, re-usable and recyclable
simply better protection
  • Intercept Technology
    … simply better protection
Einsatz automotive
  • Automotive and Transportation
    »Ready to build« No need for spadework or degreasing
10 Jahre Garantie
  • Aerospace and Defense
    Intercept is certified by major aerospace suppliers.
  • Electronic-Industry
    Corrosion can destroy sensitive parts in a few days. Intercept protects.
  • Engineering
    Corrosion protection for high-tech machinery
  • Mining, Oil und Gas-Industry
    Spare parts stored for month – straightaway usable
  • Special Applications
    Corrosion protection for all kinds of requirements
CORROSION INTERCEPT® Vorteile bei der Verwendung der INTERCEPT Technology™
    INTERCEPT is the best protection for precious coins.
CORROSION INTERCEPT® Advantages of using the INTERCEPT Technology™
    Advantages of using the INTERCEPT Technology™
D'Addario Manufacturing
  • D'Addario Manufacturing
    No corrosion thanks to optimum packaging
Video Bell Labs
  • Bell Labs: John Franey, Inventor of Intercept Technology
    explains the Values of Intercept (Englisch)
Video Jean Pütz
  • Jean Pütz und Frank Krökel
    present the Intercept Technology (German)
100% ReliabilityCorrosion Prevention for all Applications EfficientINTERCEPT Technology saves Time and Money. Oil-freeNo more need to oil. Ready for action. EnvironmentalSave´s Resources and protects the environment. FAQFrequently asked Questions.