Gears from Germany to China

Gear boxes can have many turning parts requiring lubrication due to constant movement. Traditional corrosion protection methods are based on oils, greases and chemicals, which would mix with lubricants during storage or transit....[more]


New image for the road – INTERCEPT Mobile Service

COMPtrade Technologies GmbH is now INTERCEPT Technology GmbH, we have changed our name and in this context have the opportunity to show our newly designed INTERCEPT-Service-Van on European streets as well as on-site at our...[more]


INTERCEPT protects CNC milling machine during transport

Many industrial machines have sensitive, moving components and computer interfaces to control them. Transportation of such machines is difficult. Large, bulky machines can be damaged from overland transport caused by impacts or...[more]


Storage of Turbine Rotor

Recently a well-known manufacturer of equipment for the energy sector needed a solution to protect a very valuable and sensitive turbine rotor for mid-term storage in the Middle East. Before using INTERCEPT to preserve turbine...[more]


Transport and Long-term Storage Heat Exchanger in Western Australia

BHP, with their external consultants, presented Intercept Australia with the challenge of providing a long term preservation strategy for a critically important, newly manufactured, spare heat exchanger specifically manufactured...[more]


Successful Parts2Clean trade show in 2014

The Parts2Clean trade show took place in Stuttgart from the 24th to 26th of June 2014. The visitors were strongly focused on what INTERCEPT does best: oil-free shipment of parts, process optimization and of course long-term...[more]


Long-Term Storage of Paper Roller with INTERCEPT

The protection of very large objects from deterioration is not only initially very costly and time consuming, but for long-term storage, the money and time spent repacking multiple times over a 10 year period has a major...[more]

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