INTERCEPT sponsored pupils at “Jugend Gründet” (Youth start-up) competition

INTERCEPT Technology GmbH expresses our  CONGRATULATIONS  to the 4 pupils of the 11th class of Wilhelmsgymnasium (Matriculate) for their great success. With the idea of a new reusable drinking bottle, called PLAM, they...[more]


Successful Parts2Clean trade show in 2015

INTERCEPT is a technology that benefits greatly from trade shows, due to its versatility, many companies have benefitted from using INTERCEPT, but many more have yet to discover its potential. This year’s parts2clean trade show...[more]


INTERCEPT will be presented on N24

INTERCEPT Technology GmbH will be presented on the 8th through the 12th of June at approx. 19:30 on N24 in Germany.[more]


Pioneer in Disguise

In October of 2014, INTERCEPT proved itself as an innovative technology to one of the world’s pioneering makers of helicopters. Several  helicopters needed to be transported over land and sea without harm to their sensitive...[more]


The INTERCEPT Technology Group Welcomes Emporium Partners!

A new partnership between INTERCEPT Technology GmbH in Germany and Emporium Partners in Copenhagen Denmark, a global supply chain service company for the electronic manufacturing industry, is official as of February 1st,...[more]


A Small Part of American History, Unearthed

On the 6th of January, 2015 a time capsule buried by Paul Revere and Samuel Adams was unearthed in Boston, Massachusetts. Experts were amazed at the condition of the contents, especially the newspapers and coins, which are more...[more]


Remington Statues in Danger

Tom Daschle, a former US Senate Majority Leader, was also the target of an attack during the fall of 2001. His office was mailed an enveloped of Anthrax (as were other politicians and journalists) this parcel was delivered into...[more]

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