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12.04.2018 09:53

INTERCEPT Technology™ is the first choice

INTERCEPT Technology ™ has earned the trust of a reputable family business
that offers a one-on-one service to the aircraft world,
from helicopters to fixed-wing aircraft fleets.

As one of the few Germany-wide suppliers of shrink packaging,
INTERCEPT Technology GmbH was selected to protect the high-quality helicopters against contamination and
damage during transport.

The appearance, both inside and outside, speaks for the quality level that our customer promises.
To protect this optimally during transport, the helicopters were wrapped in a PowerShrink coat.
Powershrink is extremely tear-resistant and resistant as well as form-flexible and UV-protecting.

This shrink wrapping can be easily combined with our proven corrosion protection,
this was not necessary in this case due to the short transport time.

INTERCEPT Technology™ ensures the proper functionality of any components during and after transport
with a sensible combination of their products.

Contact our consultants and we will show you how you can benefit from the INTERCEPT Technology™ products.

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