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15.11.2017 13:45

Decisive Parts2Clean 2017

Our participation in this year's Parts2Clean was very successful with approximately 80% visitors who were keen on investing.

According to the final report of the organizer, more than 50 % of the visitors assume that the importance of parts cleaning and thus also of parts2clean as an information and procurement platform will continue to increase in the future.

We are aware of the importance of this topic and will continue to impart the knowledge and advice on the subject of parts cleaning, preservation and corrosion protection.


INTERCEPT Technology was promoting complete packaging solutions that eliminate the need for oils or other chemicals for preservation. INTERCEPT provides a thorough means of conservation and allows the efficient use of clean technology for the long-term benefit of the customer.

100% ReliabilityCorrosion Prevention for all Applications EfficientINTERCEPT Technology saves Time and Money. Oil-freeNo more need to oil. Ready for action. EnvironmentalSave´s Resources and protects the environment. FAQFrequently asked Questions.