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The production of INTERCEPT is implemented through well-respected companies that must fulfil qualifications and strict quality guidelines. All manufacturers are externally certified by DIN EN ISO, Veritas or other systems. INTERCEPT holds several approvals on the military, automotive, aerospace and electronic sectors, and can also be used as packaging material in contact with food. Together with all approvals on recycling and disposal, INTERCEPT’s products fulfil a series of requirements from the industry and material management.


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Quality and Enviromental policy

Our company policy derives from the claim of INTERCEPT Technology GmbH as an independent system supplier of innovative packaging solutions, always to offer its customers the best and most simple possible solution (quality leadership) and long-term partnerships with our partners.

From the top corporate objective of "sustainable success", the other company targets are immediately apparent:

• customer satisfaction

• employee satisfaction

• partnership handling

• innovative concepts

• modern technologies

• enviromental awareness

Furthermore, the avoidance of environmental pollution is one of the key objectives of INTERCEPT Technology GmbH. We are all committed to the protection of the soil, the water and the air and the economical and conscious handling of resources and the principles of sustainability. In all environmental protection measures, the primary objective is to make decisions and procedures in the company in such a way as to comply with legal requirements and to improve the sustainable use of natural resources.

This is even more so since the use of our products can generally improve the environmental balance of our customers and avoid dangerous emissions.

In practice, the measures are primarily aimed at the responsible use of resources, the avoidance of waste and continuous improvement of manufacturing and packaging processes, the use of modern and low-pollutant machines. In order to ensure the recyclability of our products, the behavior of all stakeholders must be coordinated in such a way that the applicable national and international laws, standards and regulations are respected. INTERCEPT Technology GmbH thus makes an important contribution to the optimization of material flows in the packaging sector in the sense of the required sustainability.

Due to the high proportion of our services in the field of packaging processes, the customer is an integral part of our environmental protection philosophy.

This joint presentation of the managing directors, managers and values and targets forms the basis for reducing and avoiding environmental pollution. Compliance with all laws and other requirements of the authorities must be self-evident to all managers and employees. By responsible use of hazardous substances or by substitution, we want to reduce possible environmental hazards.

Waste is avoided as far as possible. Through the consistent separation of waste, the highest possible utilization is sought.

Our employees are familiarized with the latest state of laws and regulations as well as the state of the art by means of recurrent training and further training. Our employees comply with all legal requirements, laws and customary standards.

The company supports and encourages all executives and employees to further develop environmental protection in the sense of our corporate values and company goals.

The management will be able to measure with all executives and employees the joint action and the resulting results.



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